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time museum

Over 300 clocks, 700 pocket watches and a chronometer collection - including English, French, American and Chinese - will be on display..

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Over 80 magnificant stained glass windows will be on display created by the most artistic glass artisits from the period 1880-1920, including Tiffany, John La Farge, Mary Tillinghast, Armstrong, the Rudy Brothers and Lauber Studios.

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We are always looking to acquire notable stained glass windows, especially by Tiffany, to add to our extensive collection.

If you have a stained glass window that you think has historic value, consider donating or selling it to our museum. At the Halim Time & Glass Museum, your window will receive the highest level of care so that it may be properly restored, preserved and protected.

Most importantly, your window will then be beautifully displayed for the public at large to enjoy.


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